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Are you serious about all aspects of online gaming?
Do you and your girlfriend always have a fight because of playing?
Are you looking for rapidfire gaming strategies?
Do you spent more time playing than sleeping?
Are you fascinated by the unlimited potential of online games?
If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you will find value in this website.

Brief History
Launched in 2007 to provide Pinoy online gamers comprehensive news, events update, game guides, downloads and registration links of all the games available in the Philippines.

The Author
Ranniel Araw a.k.a. eLPhi or _LP is the sole owner and developer of ampota.com, he has been an avid gamer since Ragnarok, first and most successful MMORPG in the Philippines, was launched in 2003. He has played almost all the games that hit the Philippines with his friends – offline and online.

He considered creating a website as a hobby. His passion for gaming is the main reason why ampota.com is the most reliable MMORPG portal in the Philippines.

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am⋅po⋅ta! [ amp - poh - tah ] abbr amp

a gaming slang also known as “anak ng P***”, it’s an expression used to express discomfort and irateness of the player.
originated in the Philippines, mostly heard on computer cafe where most of the Pinoy play with their friends.
usually accompanied by a sudden loud outburst, as of laughter.